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Arturo Escobar e Mauricio Pardo Biodiversity, rival knowledges Social Movements and Biodiversity in the Pacific Coast of Colombia
César Rodríguez Non-capitalist production Searching for Economic Alternatives in Times of Globalization: The Case of Garbage Collection Cooperatives in Colombia
Francisco Gutierrez and Ana Maria Jaramillo Multiculturalism, citizenships Paradoxical Pacts
Luis Carlos Arenas Multiculturalism, citizenships The Struggle of the U'wa Against Oil Exploration in their Territory: A Case Study of a Local Struggle That Became Global
Margarita Floréz Alonso Biodiversity, rival knowledges Protection of Traditional Knowledge?
Maria Clemencia Ramirez Participatory democracy The Politics of Recognition and Citizenship in Putumayo and in the Baja Bota of Cauca: The Case of the 1996 Cocalero Movement
Maria Teresa Uribe Participatory democracy Social Emancipation in a Context of Protacted War: The Case of San José de Apartadó
Rodrigo Uprimny Yepes and Mauricio García Villegas Participatory democracy / Multiculturalism, citizenships The Constitutional Court and Social Emancipation in Colombia
Mauricio Romero Labor internationalism The Banana Workers from Urabá: From "Subjects to Citizens"?
Voices of the World
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Alfredo Molano and Maria Constanza Ramirez Silva Gerardo Gonzalez Interview with Gerardo Gonzalez, a peasant leader
  Interview with an indigenous leader
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