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D.L. Sheth Participatory democracy Grassroots Movements in India: Towards a New Politics of Participatory Democracy
Gabrielle Dietrich and Nalini Nayak Labor internationalism Exploring Possibilities of Counterhegemonic Globalisation of Fishworkers' Movement in India and its Global Interactions
Harsh Sethi Non-capitalist production Debating Swadeshi
Shalini Randeria Multiculturalism, citizenships Legal Pluralism, Fractured Sovereignty and Differential Citizenship Rights: International Institutions, Social Movements and the Post-Colonial State in India
Sharit Bhowmik Non-capitalist production Cooperatives and the Emancipation of the Marginalised: Case Studies from Two Cities in India
Shiv Visvanathan Biodiversity, rival knowledges Energy and Dreams of Diversity
Thomas Isaac and Patrick Heller Participatory democracy The politics and institutional design of participatory democracy: lessons from Kerala, India
Vandana Shiva Biodiversity, rival knowledges Biodiversity, IPRs and Globalisation
Voices of the World
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Achyut Yagnik Kaluram Dhodade Interview with Kaluram Dhodade, a well known Adivasi leader of India
  Interview with an indigenous leader
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