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Alberto Melo Non-capitalist production Local Citizen Action as a Form of Resistance Against the New Wave of Worldwide Colonisation: The Case of the "In Loco Association" in Southern Portugal
Ana Cristina Santos Multiculturalism, citizenships Sexual orientation in Portugal: towards a sexual emancipation
Boaventura de Sousa Santos Participatory democracy Participatory Budgeting in Porto Alegre: Towards a Redistributive Democracy
Multiculturalism, citizenships Toward A Multicultural Conception of Human Rights
Elísio Estanque Labor internationalism The Reinvention of Trade Unionism and the New Challenges of Emancipation-From Local Despotism to Global Mobilization
Hermes Costa Labor internationalism Portuguese Trade Unionism vis-a-vis the European Works Councils
Isabel Guerra Participatory democracy The Territory as Space for Collective Action: Paradoxes and Virtualities of the "Strategic Game of Actors" in Territorial Planning in Portugal
João Arriscado Nunes and Nuno Serra Participatory democracy "Decent housing for the people": Urban Movements and Emancipation in Portugal
José Manuel Mendes Multiculturalism, citizenships A Beira Town in Protest: Memory, Populism and Democracy
José Manuel Pureza Multiculturalism, citizenships Who Saved East Timor? New References for International Solidarity
Marisa Matias Biodiversity, rival knowledges "Don't treat us like dirt!": The Fight Against the Co-Incineration of Dangerous Industrial Waste in the Outskirts of Coimbra
Voices of the World
Interviewer Interviewee
Name Topic
Elísio Estanque Manuel Graça Interview with Manuel Graça, an union activist of the shoe industry
João Arriscado Nunes and Marisa Matias Joaquim Gonçalves Interview with Joaquim Gonçalves, activist of a local environmental association (Associação de Defesa do Ambiente de Souselas - Coimbra)
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