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South Africa
Edward Webster and Rob Lambert Labor internationalism Social Emancipation and the New Labour Internationalism: A Southern Perspective
Heinz Klug Non-capitalist production Community, Property and Security in Rural South Africa: Emancipatory opportunities or marginalized survival strategies?
Sakhela Buhlungu Participatory democracy Reinventing participatory democracy in South Africa
Shamim Meer Multiculturalism, citizenships Which Workers, Which Women, What Interests? Race, Class and Gender in Post Apartheid South Africa
Thokozani Xaba Biodiversity, rival knowledges Marginalised Medical Practice: The Marginalisation and Transformation of Indigenous Medicines in South Africa
Voices of the World
Interviewer Interviewee
Name Topic
Rob Lambert Han Dongfang The interviewee is a trade union leader talking about issues of international labor solidarity in the context of globalization
Shamim Meer Mam Lydia Kompe-Ngwenya The interviewee is a woman activist, member of the South African Parliament
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