Bulletin P@x
P@x is the on line quarterly Bulletin of the research area of Peace Studies of the Humanities, Migration and Peace Studies Group (NHUMEP) - Centre for Social Studies. It aims to provide proposals for critical analysis of international relations, to facilitate access to information and resources to individuals and groups interested in peace research and to disseminate the activities and results of the research-action projects of the peace studies research line of NHUMEP-CES.
Bulletin P@x 26 (July 2014)

Minorities during and in the aftermath of violent conflicts

Bulletin P@x 25 (April 2014)

Contestation and political change: exploring patterns across borders and regions

Bulletin P@x 24 (September 2013)

“Third Party” Intervention into Violence and its Reproductions

Bulletin P@x 23 (April 2013)

Peace, power and empowerment

Bulletin P@x 22 (January 2013)

Perspectives on Timor Leste: from historical memory to the state's consolidation

Bulletin P@x 21 (September 2012)

De facto states and ethnic conflicts

Bulletin P@x 20 (June 2012)

Latin America: elites, natural resources and conflicts

Bulletin P@x 19 (March 2012)

Human-centred approaches and international security

Bulletin P@x 18 (January 2012)

Sexual violence in armed conflicts

Bulletin P@x 17 (September 2011)

Giving voice/s: mass media and invisibilized actors

Bulletin P@x 16 (April 2011)

Theme: Peace operations, international peace and security

Bulletin P@x 15 (December 2010)

Theme: Violence and small arms: the Portuguese case

Bulletin P@x 14 (March 2010)

Theme: New horizons in the field of Peace Studies

Bulletin P@x 13 (December 2009)

Theme: Youth, marginalisation and violence

Bulletin P@x 12 (August 2009)

Theme: Women and armed violences in non-war scenarios

Bulletin P@x 11 (January 2009)

Theme: Human security

Bulletin P@x 10 (June 2008)

Theme: Media and peace

Bulletin P@x 9 (December 2007)

Theme: Peacebuilding

Bulletin P@x 8 (April 2007)

Theme: Europe and peacebuilding

Bulletin P@x 7 (November 2006)

Theme: Peacebuilding processes

Bulletin P@x 6 (June 2006)

Theme: Women and girls in armed violence contexts. The case study of Rio de Janeiro

Bulletin P@x 5 (March 2006)

Theme: Sudan

Bulletin P@x 4 (September 2005)

Theme: Angola

Bulletin P@x 3 (October 2004)

Theme: Women, peace and armed conflicts

Bulletin P@x 2 (June 2004)

Theme: International terrorism

Bulletin P@x 1 (March 2004)

Theme: Peace studies