Susana Costa


Susana Costa is a researcher at Centre for Social Studies - Associate Laboratory and member of the Research Group on Studies on Science, Economy and Society (NECES) of University of Coimbra. She has a PHd in Sociology. She has a pos-doctoral grant funded by FCT with a project intitled "DNA and crime investigation - a sociological comparative analysis of their evolution and impacts in Portugal and UK. She was a PHd student in University of Coimbra and fellow of FCT since 2004 until 2009 with a project entitled "Children of (their) mother.Institutional Actors, Expertises and Paternity Claims in the Portuguese Judicial System" and she has a MA in Sociology with the thesis entitled Justice in the Lab. The identification of genetic profiles. Between transnacional harmonization and local appropriation (2001). In 1996 she had a BA in Sociology, School of Economics of University of Coimbra. In the last years her research interests have been focused on the relations between science and law and in the way genetics and DNA test have become common in the courtroom. Her researches have been focused in social studies of science, sociology of science and sociology of law.

Latest Publications

Article in Scientific journal

Costa, Susana (2017), "Visibilities, invisibilities and twilight zones at the crime scene in Portugal", New Genetics and Society, 36, 4, 375-399

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Book Chapter

Costa, Susana (2017), O aparato forense e os entendimentos socioculturais na investigação criminal em Portugal, in Helena Machado (org.) (org.), Genética e Cidadania. Porto: Afrontamento, pp. 87-109

Book Chapter

Santos, Filipe; Costa, Susana; Richter, Vítor (2017), O banco de dados genéticos no Brasil: Os desafios operacionais e legais de um processo de modernização, in Claudia Fonseca; Glaucia Maricato; Larissa Duarte; Lucas Besen (org.), Ciência, medicina e perícia nas tecnologias de governo. Porto Alegre: CEGOV, 130-150