Humanities, Migration and Peace Studies (NHUMEP)

Coordination: Maria Raquel Freire, Júlia Garraio e Miguel Cardina

The Research Group on Humanities, Migration and Peace Studies includes research areas and projects which maintain an open dialogue between humanities and social sciences. At NHUMEP, researchers from different fields – anthropology, law, history, literary studies, linguistic, international relations or sociology – come together to think and analyse issues that request cross-disciplinary approaches. This convergence is expressed in a consolidated history of interdisciplinary cooperation, but also in the common acceptance of the epistemological challenges posed by an analysis of contemporaneity which does not dispense the construction of wide conceptual frameworks and a historically long-term comparative perspective. Thus, this research group, without waiving analytical methods and practices, specific to each research area, works as a network of which nodes correspond to many other places of intersection and confluence. The following stand out: critical analysis of the production modes of difference and exclusion; research/action articulation and the associated defence of full citizenship for everyone; feminist epistemologies; life stories; comparative approaches to social phenomena and narratives produced about them; analysis of violence and its representation; study of migration phenomena; relationship between transnational phenomena and their local configurations; memory and post-memory issue; translation and interculturality processes.