LRB is part of the ÉRRE Group of companies that, although autonomous, aim to generate synergies between each other through their complementary, specialized know-how. They share the vision and social participation of common shareholders who seek a more structured way to approach the market. LRB works mainly in the areas of Information Systems; Geographic Information Systems; Environment; Communication; and Security Technological Solutions.

For the creative tourism initiatives, a team of 2 permanent employees from LRB will be involved and 3 more in partial regime, reinforced according to the needs of the projects. The partner municipalities involved will contribute by compiling and updating of their tourism information systems and offers. Concerning the activities that will be developed throughout the project, they will be defined and scheduled in accordance with the availability of the municipalities (eg Workshops), and the cultural agenda of the municipalities.

Creative Tourism in the territories of Montalegre, Boticas and Guimarães in Augmented Reality


BOTICAS - Boticas, an eco-sustainable food destination
→ Creation of a local gastronomic chain, from the producers, through the restaurants, to the final consumer: gather local producers and restaurants to create their own gastronomic brand, using the local products that characterize the region.
→ Create tour itineraries for the different local producers: Active involvement of the local community, through the tourist visits organized in the various local producers, the tourist can participate in some activities, and take some products to the restaurants, to be cooked. (Ex: trout fishing/cooking).
→ Mobile application: The creation of the gastronomic brand will be supported by a mobile application with augmented reality. In this application the tourist will be able to locate producers, restaurants and activities that can be carried out, as well as access to an interactive gastronomic chart, allowing the tourist to visualize (through videos, images) the production method / the preparation of the dish that it can be tasted in the restaurants.
→ Involvement and active participation of tourists in productive activities and confection of typical dishes: The tourist will have the possibility of being an intervener in some activities of production, or other normal activities that occur in a farm, depending on the type of producer chosen. On the other hand, the tourist will also be invited to participate actively in the process of confection of the dish chosen, in one of the attached restaurants, and to which will be associated a dish, always with the supervision of the chef in charge.

Location: Boticas    Date: 2017 (September/October)

MONTALEGRE - Montalegre as a destination of the occult
→ Creation of an enchanted route between the Montalegre Castle and the Avelar Wood: Development of physical (e.g. signalization) and technological facilities necessary to implement the enchanted route.
→ Integrate existing events (eg Friday 13th, 31st October), with enchanted route and all local agents (public and private) that directly relate to local tourism: Creation of an interactive App with the technology of geolocation, 3D, augmented reality and image recognition integrating the different operating systems promoting the local tourism through the consolidation of the information.
→ Technology as a driver and differentiation factor of Montalegre’s touristic product: Active involvement of the local community, through artists and local distinguished people (e.g. Priest Fontes) in the implementation of the App (e.g. dubbing and representing characters of the main points of interest, by local artists and distinguished people).
→ Engagement and active participation of tourists in local activities: Participation of the tourist as an active agent that will unveil the enchantment existing in the course to create "enchanted course between the Castle of Montalegre and the Forest of Avelar". Tourists will have the opportunity to participate in the activities to be carried out by the municipality and entities that promote tourism in the region, such as: restauration workshops, ethnographic photography, among others.

Location: Montalegre    Date: 2018

GUIMARÃES - Guimarães World Heritage in Augmented Reality
→ To create an interactive 3D guide with geolocation, augmented reality and heritage interpretation: The tourists will have the possibility to know and interact with the heritage through the activities foreseen in the cultural agenda of the municipality. The access to the wide range of patrimonial offer will be made through an interactive guide where the tourist will identify the places of interest and will create his itinerary to visit and to participate in the actions in course.
→ Involvement and participation of locals in the interactive guide: Basically the contents that will be made available to the tourists will be elaborated by the locals, for example, by artists and local illustrious figures of the municipality who will be invited by the Guimarães City Council to participate in the execution of these contents to be used in the App of augmented reality (ex. : Locution of the interpretation of the patrimony and execution of the representative figures of the main points of interest, by local artists).
→ Active involvement of the tourist as an opinion maker, evaluator and consumer of the Guimarães touristic product: Participation of the tourist, through the interactive guide, as an active agent who will give his opinion and evaluation, actively collaborating, in real time, for the identification of local issues and to profile the tourist that visits Guimarães.
This process will be done through an assessment, made by the tourist directly in the RA application.

Location:Guimarães    Date: 2019

Language(s) available for the workshop(s): Portuguese | English

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