We are committed to the development of cultural and tourism products , essentially in the scope of Algarve’s history and culture and we believe in the promotion of the region through its heritage elements. Our mission is to provide you an experience of what Algarve has to offer, in an attractive and creative perspective. We invite you to discover it with us.
We promote thematic cultural courses in different locations in the region and several creative tourism experiences, always connected to the territory’s values, identity, and sustainability. We create tailored programs to achieve our clients’ wishes, including group activities and family/children experiences.
Besides “Tempero” – which relates local traditions with gastronomy, design, and other visual culture subjects – we also offer activities on the route “Caminhos da Cal e Do Barro” ("Paths of Lime and Clay"), inspired by the old traditions of lime production in the region. Additional services in the area of culture can be consulted in our website.
To develop the “Tempero” project, we established a partnership with the designer Alexandra dos Santos, whose more recent work and interests are linked to the Algarve region’s cultural heritage, as well to the application of design as a vehicle of promotion and development of local traditions.



Sharpening your perspective. Interpretative walk and design experience
The participants will have the opportunity to learn to look to the surrounding landscape of Messines on a design creation point of view. It starts with a course to gather visual references and ends with a creative workshop inspired by the cultural and natural heritage elements, connected with local food.
Location: Municipality of Silves    Date: 20-09-2017 | 7-10-2017

Capture Food Places
With the guidance of a professional photographer you will have the opportunity to develop your photography knowledge and techniques, at the same time you will know a bit more about the Silves history, through the places usually linked to food habits.
Some of the places to visit are, Municipal market, Municipal archaeology museum, Silves historic centre and its more peculiar places, or the landscape around town.
Location: Municipality of Silves    Date: 27-09-2017 | 28-10-2017

Language(s) available for the workshop(s) / activities(s): Portuguese | English

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