Luzlinar Association is a non-profit cultural institution based in Feital (Trancoso) with the purpose of promoting and disseminating the sculptural and performing arts and cinema, developing projects in the field of experimental art. We also collaborate with institutions pursuing the same ends to create spaces and forms of interinstitutional cooperation and to contribute to the study and dissemination of local and regional cultural heritage.

Since 1995, we have been holding Symposiums and International Seminars, Festivals, and Laboratories of Collective Creation, as well as countless artistic expression workshops and editions in different media, with the participation of dozens of artists, academics, filmmakers, critics and university theorists, theatre companies, and other groups of artists from across four continents.

Within the framework of the Arts Support Program of the Portuguese Ministry of Culture / Direcção Geral das Artes, we have developed a regular activity plan, whose main objective is to establish an effective link between the community, the school, and the university, in a program that incorporates projects with artists in residence, an educational project, and regional and national partnerships, and involves documentation and research components as well as exhibitions, meetings, conferences, and publications.

In 2016, we started a new project - Campus Jardim das Pedras - located in Serra do Feital, in the municipality of Trancoso, where we intend to develop and concentrate a significant part of our activities.

Campus Jardim das Pedras

Jardim das Pedras is a place of theoretical-and-practical speculation. It is an open laboratory of sensory experiences where reflection and thought are allowed through the observation and experience of artistic practice, fostering the individual's cultural development.
All the experiences are coordinated by technicians specialized in the different areas of knowledge.


Shelters Trail | Half-day experience
Take a sensory route following pedestrian routes linking the shepherd’s shelters of the Serra do Feital, which were built over the last centuries. Identify and discover existing shelters, their relationship with the landscape through the recognition of pedestrian paths, settlements and their communities, as well as learning about the local geography, topography, climate and other aspects. The experience also includes a visit to the Experimental Laboratory of Construction in dry stone and ends with a traditional snack in Jardim das Pedras.
Location: Feital | Trancoso    Date: to announce

Experimental construction of Moroiços | One-day experience
Moroiço is a pyramidal or conical construction, formed by heaping stones using the dry stone technique developed by different European peoples thousands of years ago. This experience proposes the construction of moroiços in the Experimental Laboratory of Construction in dry stone of the Campus Jardim das Pedras, where each group builds its own moroiço – from the planning of the space to the construction of the object, the group carries out the whole project.
Location: Feital | Trancoso    Date: to announce

Experimental astronomical observations | One night at Jardim das Pedras
With this interactive experience, participants are encouraged to practice astronomical observation. The activity will provide the fundamental knowledge that will help them understand and use the instruments of observation in astronomy in contemplating the sky, both with the naked eye and through telescopes. The experience also allows the participants to spend the night in the same place.
Location: Feital | Trancoso    Date: to announce

The Experience of Photography | A weekend in Jardim das Pedras
The experience aims to promote photography, in its documentary aspect, as a way of understanding the landscape and how it can stimulate the perception of the individual's relations with "places" and territories. The action of walking in the landscape is considered as an aesthetic experience and involves recording visual data of this experience, which will allow for deeper understanding of the implications of the action itself in the semantic framework of the different elements of the landscape. The experience also allows the participants to spend the night in the same place.
Location: Feital | Trancoso    Date: to announce

Language(s) available for the workshop(s): Portuguese | English | Spanish

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