The Municipality of Mértola is a local public administration entity with legal personality and administrative and financial autonomy. The Municipality of Mértola has a vast history of work around structuring and promoting the tourism offer of the county of Mértola. It was one of the founding partners of the Mértola Vila Museu tourism project based on the valorization of its historical and archaeological heritage that today is materialized in 14 historical sites in the town and the county. It is responsible for the tourist reception service of the Tourist Information Office of Mértola and the website It has in its organizational structure a Tourism Development and Promotion Office that includes the following competences: strategic planning; structuring of tourism products; and promotion and marketing.

Creative Walks


"Creative Walks" is a creative and nature tourism project that will create a set of touristic tours composed of guided walking itineraries associated with creative experiences. The tours may be focused on the dimension of the walk (Creative Hiking Tour - Hiking with Experiences) or the dimension of creativity (Creative Residences - Hiking Experiences). The dimension of the walk is supported by the geographical and landscape identity of the territory; the dimension of creativity is based on cultural identity elements such as products, goods, experiences, values, history, arts and crafts.

In 2017, the Creative Walks project aims to structure tours (walks and experiences) around 3 identity themes:
→ "Creative Walks #1 with aromas", dedicated to the aromatic and medicinal flora of the Guadiana Valley;
→ "Creative Walks #2 with stars", devoted to stargazing and the sky/night theme;
→ and "Creative Walks #3 with flavour", dedicated to local cuisine.

The project’s implementation will incorporate a participatory methodology involving tour operators, producers, artists, and local artisans to create a differentiated and sustainable touristic product with added value.

Location: County of Mértola    Date: to announce

Language(s) available for the workshop(s): Portuguese | English | Spanish

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