Since 2015, the Municipality of Loulé has been working on creative tourism, having supported the creation of a network of partners. The Loulé Criativo project, coordinated by the local authority, is based on building value from the area's traditions and identity, as a driving force behind creativity and innovation. Loulé Criativo supports training and artisans activities and creative professionals, contributing to the revitalization of traditional arts and to the promotion of new approaches to the intangible heritage. The design of Loulé Criativo has several strands: creative tourism, which offers a program of immersive experiences in the local culture; the Area of Creativity and Arts and Crafts (ECOA), which aims to provide space and infrastructure for training; and Loulé Design Lab, currently in an installation phase, which aims to support the incubation of entrepreneurs related to the area of production and design and creative residencies.

Opening of traditional workshops: Louletana coppersmith workshop | The House of “Empreita” | The Pottery


Beat the copper and frame a bracelet
Visit to the coppersmith workshop place; presentation of the tools used in the profession; instruction on how to beat and frame the copper; creation of a copper bracelet.

From the forge to the kitchen
Visit to the coppersmith workshop place; presentation of the masters and various objects in copper, including the Cataplana. Visit to the Municipal market; instruction on how to choose and buy the products necessary for the preparation of the Cataplana. Gastronomy class, learning about, and participation in, how to cook the Cataplana.

The house of “empreita”
Visit to the permanent exhibition of traditional algarvian cuisine, in the Municipal Museum; observation of several articles in palm and historical contextualization; visit to the house of “empreita”; workshop on how to treat and weave the Palm. Try the “empreita.”

The enchanted Moorish in Loulé
Visit to the Municipal Museum; historical context: the use of amphorae in the time of the Moors; and shape the clay in the courtyard of the castle to produce a pot. Visit to the old fountain and talk about the legends of the enchanted Moorish legends in Loulé. Visit to the Pottery.

Location: Loulé    Date: to announce

Language(s) available for the workshop(s) / activities(s): Information available soon

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