Editorial policy

CES/Almedina Collection is the result of a partnership between the Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra and the Almedina Editions, aiming at publishing works of academic, scientific and cultural interest reflecting the topicality and interdisciplinarity of the debate in the Social and Human Sciences, which mark CES research.

The Collection is governed by the following general principles of editorial policy:

- The manuscript proposals must be submitted by CES Postdoctoral researchers, junior researchers or researchers connected to CES.

-  The author of the proposal must send a duly completed form by email to the Collection email address. This form is available on this website, in the site section “Proposals submission”.

- Only Portuguese manuscripts will be accepted. The Collection follows the New Agreement Spelling of the Portuguese Language, unless the author formally expresses the intention not to follow the same (by inserting an initial footnote to the work or chapter of its authorship with that information).

- Each manuscript revision process is expected to take between 3 to 6 months, wherefore the Editorial Committee emphasizes the importance of submitting the proposals in good time, being this aspect particularly relevant when a work funding possibility is available within projects.

- Tender evaluation will be conducted by the Collection’s Editorial Committee who decides whether the proposal proceeds to the subsequent phase of revision by anonymous reviewers. This decision is made considering the relevance, interest and quality defined in accordance with the Collection’s editorial policy.

- In case the Editorial Committee considers the manuscript adequate for peer review under the double-blind peer review system, the author of the proposal must send an anonymised version of the manuscript.

- The Editorial Committee will draw on the opinions received to take a final decision with respect to the publication or not of the manuscript in the Collection.

- The Editorial Committee may request authors to revise the manuscripts reflecting the reviewers' opinions and condition its publication to a new appreciation of the revised versions.

- The authors undertake that the manuscript in its final version, sent by email to the Collection, complies with all the indications set out in the publication standards. If otherwise, the manuscript will not be forwarded to Almedina.

- It is the author(s)'s responsibility to review the proof copy.

- The published works are the responsibility of the author.

- The works will be put up for sale to the general public at CES Shop and distributed by Almedina Group (available in the group’s member bookstores, online store, etc.).