CES Ethics Committee (CE-CES)

CES Ethics Committee (CE-CES), established in 2017, is an independent, multidisciplinary and advisory body, aimed at promoting and ensuring ethical standards in scientific research, in  teaching and in the outreach activities developed by CES.

According to CE-CES Regulation, it is guided by the principles of dignity and non-discrimination, as well as the respect for autonomy, responsibility, intellectual freedom, integrity, transparency and accountability.

Members of the current term (2023-2026)

António Carvalho
Mónica Lopes (Presidente)
Sidh Losa Mendiratta
Susana Magalhães
Vanda Amaro Dias (Vice-presidente)

Contact: ce@ces.uc.pt

Members of the previous term (2020-2023)

António Carvalho
José Fernando Gonçalves
Susana Sardo (Vice-President)
Virgínia Ferreira (President)

Ana Cordeiro Santos (jun. 2020 – feb.22)
Isabel Caldeira (jun. 2020 – feb.22)
Maria Irene Ramalho (feb. 2022 – apr. 2023)

Members of the previous term (2017-2020)

Ana Cristina Santos (President)
João Arriscado Nunes
José Manuel Mendes
Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo (Vice-President)
Susana Silva


Requests to the CES Ethics Committee for an opinion on research protocols should be sent via MyCES