Cayetano Fernández

Nota biográfica

Cayetano is a junior researcher at Center for Social Studies (CES), currently integrated in the project POLITICS - The politics of anti-racism in Europe and Latin America: knowledge production, decision-making and collective struggles, particularly in the research stream "Cultures of Scholarship and State Universities: the study of racism and (post)colonialism in higher education". In collaboration with the University of Granada (Spain) and other entities he has been working in several researches related to Roma in different fields, as access to education of Kale community, Roma migration process from eastern to Western Europe, the historical role of Roma involved in the Spanish Civil War, and the contemporary status of Kale language as political identity builder among Spanish Roma. Currently he is enrolled in the PhD Program ´Human Rights in Contemporary Societies´ at the University of Coimbra and his research topic is focused on Racism in Academia, particularly, in anti-gypsism produced in the field of the so-called Romani Studies. Previously, as a research fellow, he has conducted research in the Native American Studies department of Montana State University (USA) and as doctoral fellow in the department of Sociology and Social Anthropology at Central European University (Hungary). Currently, he is part of the Roma Decolonial organization Kale Amenge, a project which aims to link knowledge production on Roma and advocacy.

Últimas Publicações

Capítulo em Livro

Fernández, Cayetano (2019), La memoria colectiva romaní y los límites epistemológicos de la historiografía occidental, in Bruno Sena y Boaventura de Sousa Santos (org.), El pluriverso de los derechos humanos: la diversidad de las luchas por la dignidad. Akal, pp. 447-462

Capítulo em Livro

Gamella, Juan; Adiego, Ignasi-Xavier; Fernández, Cayetano (2016), A Caló Lexicon with data about its knowledge by a group of Spanish Gitanos or Calé, in Ivo Buzek (org.), Interacciones entre el caló y el español. Historia, relaciones y fuentes. Brno, Czech Republic: FILOZOFICKÁ FAKULTA MASARYKOVA UNIVERZITA, 113-136

Capítulo em Livro

Fernández, Cayetano; Cortés, Ismael (2015), El Nomadismo Romaní como Resistencia Reflactaria frente al Racismo de Estado en la Modernidad Española, in Ábalos H., García, J., Jiménez, A. y Montañez, D. (org.), Horizontes de Compromiso. Memorias del 50º Congreso de Filosofía Jóven. Granada: Asoc. de Jóvenes Investigadores en CC.SS, 498-517

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