Monise Martinez


Monise Martinez is a PhD Candidate in Feminist Studies, a book editor, a copy editor and a content producer for textbooks. She holds a MA in Publishing Studies from the Universidade de Aveiro (Portugal), and a BA in Modern Languages and Literature (Spanish/Portuguese) from the University of São Paulo (Brazil). As a researcher, Martinez works at the intersection of Feminist and Media Studies, Communication Science, and Sociology of Religion. Her focus areas are feminist media theories; democracy and the media; mediatization of religion; antifeminism; post-feminism; and neopentecostal women in Brazil. She is a team member of WG POLICREDOS: Religions and Society (CES); was an organizing committee member of the Gender Workshop Series (CES); a visiting student at the Núcleo de Estudos de Gênero PAGU (Unicamp/Brazil), and at the Università Degli Studi di Bergamo (Italy). Around her research topic, most of her important publications are the articles "Being a terribly Christian Minister: populism, gender and anti-feminism in Damares Alves's ministerial performance" (Identities/Taylor and Francis), and "Fazer o mesmo, sem ser o mesmo: feminilidades, neoliberalismo e antifeminismo no contexto do Godllywood Brasil" (ex-aequo/APEM). As a book editor and content producer, Martinez has experience with the project conception, editing and critical reading of textbooks collections approved by the National Books and Textbooks Program in Brazil. She has already collaborated with more than 15 publisher houses; worked as a copy editor in books towards multiple targets ¿ from Social Sciences to young adults and women's fiction; and has been collaborating with projects in feminist and educational organizations, by managing the creative process of books and educational materials towards gender sensitization. Martinez has been also involved with interventions in the cultural field, using literature as a privileged way to sensitize people on feminist, gender, anti-racist and anticolonial topics. In this area, her most significant publications are: «Potências feministas: papel e voz» (Linha Editorial), a book on feminism and writing that she managed independently; her poetry book «Fogo de Santelmo» (Ed. Urutau, 2021); and her poems/texts published in the anthologies «Volta para tua terra» (Ed. Urutau, 2021/22). Martinez also has been engaged in the promotion of cultural activities around those thematics, such as saraus, slam poetry competitions, yarning circles and workshops.

Latest Publications

Article in Scientific journal

Martinez, Monise (2022), "Being a 'terribly Christian Minister': populism, gender and anti-feminism in Damares Alves's ministerial performance", Identities, 1-18


Martinez, Monise; Tinoco, Ana Luísa; Motterle, Tatiana; Sena, Bárbara (orgs.) (2021), Veredas Feministas: Trilhando Caminhos no Combate à Violência Sexual em Coimbra. Coimbra: UMAR

Article in Scientific journal

Martinez, Monise (2020), "Fazer o mesmo, sem ser o mesmo: Feminilidades, neoliberalismo e antifeminismo no contexto Godllywood Brasil", ex aequo - Revista da Associação Portuguesa de Estudos sobre as Mulheres, 42, 103-118