Novas Poéticas de Resistência: o século XXI em Portugal


aNa B






upon_the_granulous_minerals_inclined_toward_the_manger_of_time_and_we_visit_squatted_reality._it_was_an_open_portico_with_a_barefoot_frame_inviting_you_to_the_de_cim_ation_of_grammatology._here_we_sit_contemplating_the_burning _footprint_of_Yemaja





after navigating through the fog of awe you yearn for clarity contoured

by the voice of a vise

zeal of light

for you were not the landscape never were the landscape and now you burst inside in the place of smile



before we incarnated we were a lighted person of the word

in our yearning for the night of discovery

then we became a multitude with a pendulum standing and a  bandage on the back

while others

presumed the innocence of the guilty

we visited the linen tongues

in the garden of tender demons



but the child dislodges all the slime

the child remains intact in the knowledge of imprecision disfigured as intrusion

the child dislodges the mud

the child turns the machine of delay deforming the faces






aNa B was born in Portugal (Beira Alta) in 1976. She is a poet, translator and researcher in the area of disability studies. Her poems have appeared in magazines and anthologies (both in Portugal and abroad). Her first poetry book, entitled As Patas Posteriores das Pulgas (The Fleas’ Front Feet), was published in 2007. A collection of visual and interactive poems (in Portuguese and English) can be found on her website at She currently lives and works in the UK.