Novas Poéticas de Resistência: o século XXI em Portugal


Célia Gonçalves




I’d like to introduce two special guests


For the rest of my life


I don’t even care whether I catch fish or not


I am inside this bullshit sample


And That makes things harder


I make mysterious comments


Delivered in a tie that’s too tight


Where we can exchange proteins in an easier manner









There isn’t one drop of water


in my kitchen


And I am late for the church rehearsal


Where dreams of power and ostentation


Are exchanged in a health insurance


That is always postponed for after tea


And one and a half glass of wine every day






Célia Gonçalves,
Some publications ( Poems, Chronicles, Articles ): Oficina de Poesia, Sibila, Agália, Germina, Biblia, Zunai, Minerva, Revista Lusa.
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