Novas Poéticas de Resistência: o século XXI em Portugal


Ângela Canez





missing the trace

that which lingers after the torn absence of the aqueducts

on the skin returned the barren remembrance

of women who walk on water

and do not drown do not dawn again

neither are they consumed in the flames

because it is late. too much and to life they add

a string of silence. little else

a string of artifacts common objects

to force pain what aches and remains

and spreads and becomes yet stronger for the night falls

in the empty room where they do not live anymore

or take shelter from the rain

that men sow or cast down into memory

softly. whole like this

slowly withdrawing chance

the void there is and the belief grows that no one will come

here where the body aches and grounds

and grows and drowns a bit more. Because it’s late

and by now they should have returned from their incursion

into the centre of the waters. of deposed bodies

where there is no sleep anymore

nobody lives

where there is no life

        sick of remembering






we stumble over fear

painfully moulded among remembrance where the night

devastates the wonder painfully erupts in the rail

and lingers there again perpetuating the charge

through the remotest borders where no one lives. where we still dwell

the last half of the darkness where one is not anymore

we are by mistake by accident in what remains

of an empire ravaged by insomnia

which comes one day. every day and one cannot escape

the beast rehearses the charge

for the first beat of fear

the beast is all that mankind could still expect

the face

            (silence the spaces that get drunk

              of the cells that decaying against the wall

            against the void that allows us

            the noise of words birds that

            decay by accident in the vortex from where

            one begins

            to not be)


the face

is gone

and what hurts them more is this absence

this first tempo of a space

            too empty


the face is ousted against fear

it is the first sign of  silence

            (that it will not rain today)


Ângela Canez was born in 1984 in Aldeia Velha, Beira Alta. In Coimbra she developed an interest in Psychology and in different art forms. She was a member of the Oficina de Poesia group and the Teatro Universitário (University Theatre Group) where her desire to go deeper into the mystery of things grew stronger. She now continues her search as a poet and a psychologist through the mountain paths.