Novas Poéticas de Resistência: o século XXI em Portugal


Jorge Fragoso

The two of them the boats


the two boats make the same crossing

she looked at him many times before the house

the talking  in the house like the boats

going through the same crossing

the same or another just the same which is

the same being like the same

the two boats the same crossing

after the talking in the house

the two boats would never make another crossing

but the same

she looked at him a few times

and looked at him and thence the talking in the house

and thence the boats in the same crossing

he touched her face with the same tenderness

of the boats making the same crossing

the alcohol burnt inside the eyes

he joined his fingers in front of his eyes

thought of alcohol and the boats

thought he would never say the same crossing

the sea died becoming just a mouth upon the rocks

and the two boats she and also he

making the same crossing

of wonder and fear and of projecting fear

on the same canvas of the same crossing

like the boats

the same crossing the two of them them both

not many words to say

how they loved each other









Based on Robert Duncan’s ideas in Tribal Memories – Passages 1


Old Rites


Upon the beginning there is always mist

as on the fruit   the gift    the guilt

and in all the garments that apparel

the world

the dove flies

the woman maternal mother happens

making her children food for Chronos


and there is the breath made flesh    clay    word

even in the absence of the face


the excessive breathing of the bird

only half –spilled on the absolute body

sheds all the ancient age

of stars

and seas compassionate with foam

and wind with fleshy claws

and mystery enraged in the explication

of the triptych    polyhedral    and ghostly    


In the end barks are but formulations of the hands

and become ships at the corner of pages

of the species’ purple


The throat is chained by many chains

and the elucidation of tears

in the re-connection of the waters


In each beginning there is a word

even in the inert belief

of the slow passing of the legend






Jorge Fragoso (Beira, Mozambique, 1956). Has a degree in Philosophy. He participated in the 5th International Meeting of Poets (Coimbra) as a Portuguese poet. Published books: Inima, (poetry), Coimbra, A Mar Arte, 1994; O Tempo e o Tédio, (poetic prose), Viseu, Palimage, 1998; A Fome da Pele, (poetry), Viseu, Palimage, 2004; Rua do Almada (short-stories), Coimbra, A Mar Arte, 1995, and Dez Horas de Memória (novel), Viseu, Palimage, 1999, translated and published in Italy with the title Dieci Ore, Naples, NonSoloParole Edizioni, 2006. His poems and essays have appeared in magazines and anthologies in Portugal, Spain and Brazil. Poetry and essays published in Revista Oficina de Poesia, Coimbra; Revista Palavra em Mutação, Porto; Zunái – Revista de Poesia & Debates ( He is represented in the following poetry anthologies: “Regresso à Condição”, Viseu, Ut Pictura Poesis, Viseu, ISPV, 2001; Vento – Sombras de Vozes / Viento – Sombra de Voces,  an anthology of Iberian poetry, Salamanca, Celya, 2004;  Isto é Poesia, Fafe, Labirinto, 2004; Cânticos da Fronteira / Cánticos de la Frontera, Salamanca, Trilce Ediciones, 2005; Poesia do Mundo 5, Viseu, Palimage, 2005; Palavras de Vento e de Pedra, Fundão, Município do Fundão, 2006; Habitación de Olvidos, X Encuentro de Poetas Iberoamericanos (Antologia en Homenaje a Álvaro Alves de Faria), Salamanca, EDIFSA, 2007; Poem’arte. Nas Margens da Poesia – III bienal de Silves, Silves, C. M. Silves, 2008.