Novas Poéticas de Resistência: o século XXI em Portugal


Miguel Monteiro




Marble & Stained-glass


- was bleibet aber


splinters of a mind mixed

with a second chaos. were there someone

to tell me

about Hölderlin’s tower,

about the destroyed city. and s alone.

for chaotic is the order till through the windows

the stained-glass shines with the Sun. Greece

is an old light. to gather flowers;

adonises, does it matter? the fires of hell

at dawn, calm, touched my eyelids,

and worth is in the law – that which will remain

would not be enough. it is a broken glass

glittering on the ground. greece

is far away, from the archipelago, we have the pleiad’s names

extinguished in the sky. Naked names,

if at a distance still glitter splinters

of a mind’s beautiful stained-glass,

i sing adoneus if

there were water from a white fountain,

i’d refuse. to b alone,

the memory of Eden, be it a lie.

it is a lie the broken memory. They say

once upon a time there was a man

who rescued himself from the swamp

who pulled himself out by the hair. And who

would not pull out the most beautiful of returns? Greece

is difficult. humming with a tongue

of fire, the dream melts icy and in light.




i call a name to call

the other. what have I done?

start up, see who walks by you.

where are your friends?

i dug out a word, i pruned the word off it,

i run the negative course. down below

s the divine stained-glass. yet

from what depths will you come, Sun-God,

when the snow covers our daffodils

and the clouds are the night of the world?

And yet with lightening are retinas burnt.

there is but one cure for the equinoxes,

god-of-Easter, to sing the beauty of Chartres,

to fix sighs sub-rosa on the retinas

of the eyes of the dead who see the nothingness, of the living

who see the light

of their gods and are blinded,

who saw ideas in the echo of rhymes and sing.







Miguel Monteiro Sena was born in Viseu the day Samuel Beckett died He is a student of Classical Studies and Philosophy at the Faculty of Letters, University of Coimbra Believes Latim should be a living language Suffers from a pathological case of philhellenism Will marry Nikos Kazantzakis Founding member of the Origem da Comédia association Blog Pedra da Ponte.