Novas Poéticas de Resistência: o século XXI em Portugal


Fátima Almeida




Elaboration of the seismic nights.


Odourless red shoes

Pointed in the orifice of the morning


The cheroots masters of language without commas

Watching over the mixed lavender pores


In the alleys ornamented with mouldy moons

Pitch halves in the throat

That print the wide impotent sidewalks.


A waterfall of dreams traded with vice

Of the deaf hours of atomic angels

Fracturing berries of warm bones.


The reason for incision in the plaque of sleep:


Invertebrate childhood of boxes with no music left.


Against the tide –


-          The bare feet of the ballerina










If I were to invent characters


They would fit in the extremities of my nail polish.

(a perfect syntactical construction)



(because red is worn out)


They would sound standing like retina applause

And without the smothering of the nails

They would end up coated in precious metals.


That’s why I would never find them picking grains from the dirt

Where I lay my shoulders on the brushwood.


After this:

I gave up inventing the existence

Of things that cross my head –


- sucking in the cold bodies from the nights.







Fátima Almeida. Born in Guarda on the first of may 1987, her birth was registered at São Martinho, a small village about three miles from Seia, Serra da Estrela, where she grew and went to school. After one year in Lisbon studying Journalism, she came to Coimbra to do the Faculty of Letters Journalism course. She became a student of the Oficina da Poesia course and conducted creative writing workshops for children. She also attended Professor Graça Capinha’s course on Poetics and Creative Writing. While in Coimbra, she wrote for A Cabra, the university students’ periodical. Back in Lisbon, she did her professional training period as a journalist at Diário de Notícias, for whom she still writes, mainly collaborating in their País section. She attended TV and Press courses at Cenjor as well as a short introduction to Radio course. She is now doing an MA in Journalism at Escola Superior de Comunicação Social (Lisbon Polytechnical Institute).
She has done and continues to do volunteer work in Coimbra and in Lisbon, being a member of the Homeless support group and helping institutionalized children with their school work. As Polish reporter Ryzard Kapuscinksi once said, to be a good journalist one must be a good person.