Novas Poéticas de Resistência: o século XXI em Portugal


cristina néry





amidst the arching figs

and the black comb of a dead capricorn and

a blind moon a rose-coloured maple

and a mosaic peacock.


my lungs are like salt poles

for jingling bells perfume my brain

under the vault of a dagger

and my shoulders in olive-oil.


let a bird make my heart drunk with flutes

and a wondrous word if the springs

and a magnificent lark

and a sudarium.

and an island in orange where the white fish

want the scenery of cherries and the water hymns of honey.


let me wear forever a city

the foam bowls and princes in bloom

for rose-trees burn on the tongue

and a golden night swimmer.


a purple must coral for a hallway

of my damp seeds

and the sumptuous butterflies.


in the ointment orbits 

sumptuous butterflies spill

and the possessive head of a river

and a night of low-pitch lyres

and throat roots.


a planet like a lyrical apple

and the burning of the flesh

by black-gloved queens.

on my shoulders are horses going down the river

and the red concertinas of gipsy parades

the food of the moon.


on the cervical of a leopard swollen muscles are the poem’s angles

i accomplish the tree of glass

as if licking an eternal cell.

there is a parable in small violins and the must of prayers.

i decorate the falcons balconies with the copper of bell-hoods and clay

and lay myself to grow inside a cocoon.


i clean after the labours of a tender shell

in the hour of gills and barley fields.




Cristina Néry Monteiro
is one of the founding members of the “Oficina de Poesia” Group, since 1995, and is a member of the Editorial Board of Oficina the Poesia, the poetry magazine. In 2005 she founded the Poetry Group "Sarau dos Danados", and she is at present a member of the experimental and poerformatic group “Aranhiças e Elefantes”, with regular collaboration in their blog. She has worked for the theatre with director Celso Cleto and has translated Willy Russel’s Educating Rita into Portuguese (A Educação de Rita), which was first performed in 2002; she also translated Sylvia Plath’s ‘Three Women’ (As Três Mulheres), and wrote the play Monólogo para Mariana Alcoforado.
Cristina Néry is author of O Ciclo das Sedas (preface by Graça Capinha, Palimage, 2005), A Sepultura das Romãs (forthcoming) and As Histórias do Céu da Boca (forthcoming), a book of children’s stories, and published the micronarrative “O vício da cabeceira” on-line (Minguante, n. 10 [Maio, 2008]).