Novas Poéticas de Resistência: o século XXI em Portugal


Conceição Riachos




In the steady thickness of fingers

shadow of some kind of greed

gestures become shapes

fiercely wounding the burnt-out candle

of tenderness

in the repeated shape of the lips

banal words colouring

the secret breathing

forever the livable place

kneaded over the map of the eye

green uttered dialogue

drafted on the border

we fold the light of trees

we penetrate the half-light

to the  bottom of syllables







When language                    is                    a petal

in the vertical breath of        breeze´s treads

in hands           trembling

the sentence light                night after night

moving                     like sand

on the sacred margins         of the third water

the tired clothes drip humid

rustling of beings       on the barge of the river

where worses            shuddent

in the pockets           rocks

sounding             supreme audiences

catch the limits         of multivarious morning

on the plain   of the poem





Conceição Riachos
lives in Coimbra. She has a degree in Child Education (Escola Superior de Educação de Coimbra), has worked in Pediatric departments with critically ill children and has a vast number of publications in the area. Her poetry books, published by Pé de Página Editores, include: Ritos de Passagem e Olhares – 1998, Peregrinação – 2000, Instantes (with photographs by Maria João Baginha) – 2002, and A Silhueta Branda das Veias – 2005. She is also author of the book O Livro do Tó João, in collaboration with Beecham. Her poems served as illustrations for Maria João Baginha’s photography exhibitions in Tomar, Lisboa, and Coimbra.