Novas Poéticas de Resistência: o século XXI em Portugal


Emiliana Cruz







and if steps stifle silence

and if the mirror swallows the snake


spread scales

collect the stairs made of glass

spitting the peaceful steps


and if the glass tear – being able to be the intimate


and if the will of swallowing the mirror – in the stairs –


the meaning builds itself

they fasten in the dumb skin,


snake steps

devoured by the mirror























the cleaning door of ocular salivas

permanent perception of the shelves-hunger

     [tacked bookcase

they’re writing spaces

since that is the place where we’re born, since that is the clew we unroll, since that is the portrait we rehearse and which we



you give me velvet spasms. oily buckrams. you open  me my

while follicle – phonic larvae which segregate me the voice


waiting for phonemes to be bound and melted

tired out


since decorum is the thread of bodies’ dance – stiff

the nursery of mine, since the movement of hands is prominent, since the outline is peripheral, since the womb is obtuse


maddened public inwards of me

. the woman. the dance. in wards.

still the text







(poems translated by the author, emiliana cruz)





emiliana. cruz. 1978…

the true advent and simultaneous poetic blow happened when i joined Oficina de Poesia. 1997.

i positioned and re-positioned myself in writing and in the world. in my writing and in my world. measuring them and measuring myself. as upon persevering fallow ground, tilling the land in an endless ritual.

the dissemination of my poetry has happened with the help of generous hands i have encountered on the way (many of whom have undoubtedly contributed to the definition of my voice in writing) and through publication in many now well-known magazines such as Oficina de Poesia and different sites and  blogs. also published is my, to this date, sole book (espaços).

as a language teacher, I have risked trying to inspire my students to became engaged with words. and sometimes poetry will happen. with silence. with space. with freedom.