Novas Poéticas de Resistência: o século XXI em Portugal


rita grácio

to Fernando Pessoa


i was given a fish on my birthday

‘I  was a pocket sewn by the dampness of the old house

two weeks later

the fish emerges to learn a non-water world

‘where it stays

the medusa is beautiful and it laughs

i was forgiven its death

‘with no post-mortem

the things a woman can get away with

the things a woman can’t be forgiven for


‘wrinkles inappropriate for a woman

‘garments inappropriate for a woman

‘manners inappropriate for a woman

‘scribbled handwriting sprouting on the straightness of the lines on a page

‘foul-tongued in public and messy in private

‘the chosen sterilization of the doors

‘and all the other prefixes that deny uma-mulher-como-mandam-as-regras

[as her self-and-so-many-other-

i s l a n d s

breastfeeding sleep

after the gargoyles


White Nigths

Ela waited for him. Another one finds-a. Ela keeps waiting for ele. Ele hasn’t written for a year. Why not? Because that’s the way we agreed it would be, I didn’t ask why. Muito Sensato! Ela believes that ele will come. The other one thinks that ele will not. Ela keeps believing that ele will come. The other one swears that ele won’t. We have been here, we were on that bridge and this is the place we agreed to meet. Ele doesn’t come.

Ela vai embora

parecendo um barco

ela vai embora parecendo um barco

que parece um

boat of sea.lêncios

boat of nocti.vagações

boat of  tower.mentos

boat of scy-la-ba-d-eus


(suddenly she starts flying



Rita Grácio was born in 1984. A couple of other things happened in that same year. Maybe that’s why she writes poems. She is a fan of Mário Cesariny in facebook, that’s for sure. In the meantime she has been publishing poems in Sulscrito and Big-Ode, and mostly in Oficina de Poesia, the name of both a poetry magazine and an intervention group (coordinated by Graça Capinha), her homeland since 2003. Between 2005 and 2010 she was a member of the Editorial Board of Oficina de Poesia, where (with another 6 voices) she co-acted her “poetic justice” (a constant practice, by the way). In 2007 she thought she might start the blog-experimental group “aranhiças & elefantes”. Her´-ES-TU-QUE is forthcoming and soon due. In Academese, Rita Grácio has an MA in Sociology after having grabbed a BA in Sociology also at the Faculty of Economics, University of Coimbra.