Novas Poéticas de Resistência: o século XXI em Portugal


Sandra Guerreiro




a bow tip where garments lock

voids woven by inventories

far from the water tribes


green earthly fish


an incense lamp emerging mad

lineages swinging drops of sweat

friezes piercing through dorsa


those of the sleep of the waters

down banishment street you reach the square

a glass dome

from nowhere can the sea be seen

days scratched on the wall down to the edge of the plaster


we know

not all                                   magic


                                                                                              magic that fingers don’t follow

that fingers don’t follow us

we know we want days               in colour


                                                  of (colour)

                                                 (you:)  ready

it is the coming

that brings back to us the first matrix

of the routes we draw on our legs

                                                                              and on the wrists of time           


                                                                                                                                 followed till we see

the sea of





Sandra Guerreiro
(b.1974) Luxemburg – Alentejo – Coimbra – Buffalo, N.Y­ – Lives in Coimbra.
She writes in Portuguese and English, sometimes using both languages in one poem. Has published poems in Portugal, the United States and Brazil in magazines such as  Oficina de Poesia, Bíblia, name, 1913 and Sibila.
In 2001 she published a poetry book using both Portuguese and English, finger. print impressã (author’s edition) in Buffalo, NY,  and is the author of another poetry book, chunk (in English only) published by House Press, Buffalo, NY in 2003.
In 2003 she published sound bites, a poetry cd, in collaboration with the Lauren Shufran.
She has been a member of the Oficina de Poesia group (Coimbra) since 1998 and the Blue Garrote Collective (Buffalo, NY), a collective of writers, actors, artists and activists, since 2003.
On the occasion of the launching of c h u n k (2003) she exhibited her visual poems at the Pensandote gallery (Buffalo, NY, E.U.A).
She is the author of the blog “t h i s i s t h e c i t y i n s i d e” (