Novas Poéticas de Resistência: o século XXI em Portugal


João Guimarães

The christ who had a cyst

 and behold  He starts to drain

with egg snot in the poached sky

poachfuck it and a bunch of rotten daisies

of pussy and pissed guys are we full and belching!

and bundles of bad hair poems with short-sighted lice

and centipede broccoli with dandruff and a whiff of

Mr Armpit Silva begging for insular panels

and our fathers to the sound of diarrhea of recyclable china

and trans-planetary interest rates grafted in alcoholic cactuses

and one-arm dolls wearing ties out of terminal imbecility

From afar strawberry-flavoured shit shouts the echo has kept warm.





The prophet liked strawberries


Seemingly, your shadow got fat

Opened a door and escaped through the window

Tap-dancing through a cancerous crowd

Of disobedient crystal automata

Luffed towards the pendulum dance of the sun

(Now an unsalted ice-cream ball)


Possibly seduced by the whispered promise

Of a glacier Paradise scaldingly plasticized

Where bureaucratic snowmen crawl

In  golden top-hats whistling to the blue sky waves 

That hypnotize them with a sterilized and deafening tune

On the lift there comes the dirty hand of the Prophet with a rotten smile

Through the neon lights buzzing in the salvation room.


Probably it will never be alone

Skiing hand in hand with another bubbling shadow

Never looking at it the empty hole of its cardboard eyes and

Stumbling through the silent Inferno of mathematically invisible landmines:

Pitch-black fireworks erasing the aquatic footprints

Of vain intermittent rainbows that may glow

Excited in the frightening lava of a white darkness.


Do you want to call it soul?

To us, it is the puppets’ soap opera

Violently scrubbing its canine teeth before going to sleep.







João Paulo Guimarães was born in Famalicão in 1987, got his degree in Modern Languages - English and Spanish at the Faculty of Letters of the University of Coimbra in 2008 and is now writing his MA thesis in American Studies on the poetic work of American writer Don Van Vliet. In 2009, he attended two courses in North American Literature at University College Dublin. Apart from a couple of poems published in Oficina de Poesia, he has published a poem in English Literary Society (UCD) and an article in Revista Crítica de Ciências Sociais (CES, Coimbra).