Novas Poéticas de Resistência: o século XXI em Portugal


bruno santos


of the crest of the heads and the stars




























Bruno Santos (1988- ) was born in Bombarral and lives in Coimbra. He is a university student. Some of his poems have been published in poetry magazines like Oficina de Poesia, Confraria do Vento (Brasil) and Callema, his publication in the latter having resulted from his ex-aequo award of the 1st University of Salamanca Portuguese Language Poetry Prize.  
As a member of both Oficina de Poesia and the “aranhiças & elefantes” collective, he has participated in poetry performances and readings.
He is particularly interested in the research of a language in the area of experimental poetics, especially as concerns visual poetry, sound poetry, poerformance, digital poetry, and hypermedia.