Legal pluralism, custom and gender 

12 de julho de 2022, 11h30

Sala 4.3, Faculdade de Economia da UC


11h30 to 13h00 | Session 1
Chair: Ulrike Schultz, Germany

Martha Gayoye (Kenya) - Constitutionalism and Living Customary Law: Comparative Lessons from Kenya and South Africa' (via zoom)
Mirabelle Chi Epse Okezie (Cameroon) - The Interplay Between Customary Law on Inheritance in Southern Cameroons and the Human Rights Principle of Gender Non-Discrimination (via zoom)
Sara Araújo (Portugal) - Gender, equality and the right to difference in legal pluralist societies. Lessons from East-Timor and Mozambique

14h30 to 16h00 | Session 2
Chair: Sara Araújo (Portugal)

João Pedroso and Elisa Samuel (Portugal and Mozambique) - Mutations of customary law and state law in south of Mozambique 2021: paths of hybridisation on gender and family matters
Maria Rita Bartholomei (Italy) - Beading practice among the Samburu and its impact on girls sexual and reproductive health?
Monika Lindbekk, Denmark (Norway) - Islamic divorce in Denmark: Men and Women Navigating Rights and Duties