2019 a 2019 - Coordinator (with D. Piana) of the eLearning course "Innovation in Justice: from practice to theory and back again", eUNIFOJ

2018 - Expert in political science, member of the examination board and trainer in the course "Politics and justice in the global world", Master's degree in International relations and diplomatic affairs, University of Bologna, Forlì Campus, Italy.

2017 - Chair (with A. Neilson and R. Serra) of the seminar "Research project and methodologies", PhD Programme Democracy in the XXI century, Portugal.

2013 - Chair of the seminar "Changing organizations: paths of innovation in public and private organizations", University of Trento, Italy.

2013 - Support to teaching and member of the examination board of the course "Sociology of innovations", University of Trento, Italy.

2005 a 2012 - Cooperation in teaching and member of the examination board of the following courses: "Theory of organization", "Theory of organization and social statistics", "Introductory seminar to the theory of organization", University of Bologna, Italy.