Gender Workshop Series VII

October 21, 2016 to July 7, 2017

CES-Coimbra and others


The Gender Workshops have been, over last six years, open spaces for debate seeking to explore the epistemological potential of feminist perspectives in understanding social life. These have been approached from different social, political and cultural contexts, focusing on the dialogue between different disciplines and areas of research.

During each session, speakers present and discuss a topic, intersecting with their own research or professional and civic activity. At large, the presentation is based on texts or other means of reflection previously available, followed by a discussion with the audience.


21 de outubro de 2016, 09h30 | Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Coimbra
White Innocence in the Academy
Gloria Wekker (Utrecht University)
Under the 2nd International Colloquium in Feminist Studies. "We must all be feminists". Feminism takes up space

23 November, 2016, 17h00 | CES-Coimbra, Room 1
Gender relations in contemporary Timor-Leste
Speakers: Maurício Hashizume, Sara Niner and Teresa Cunha | Comments: Sara Araújo

12 January, 2017, 17h00 | CES-Coimbra, Room 8
Unseen Sounds. Queer and Disabled (In)Visibility
Mara Pieri (CES)

26 January,  2017, 17h00 | CES-Coimbra, Room 2
La jurisprudencia del Tribunal Europeo de Derechos Humanos en torno a las decisiones de no procrear de las mujeres o los tentáculos de la Biopolítica
Juana María González Moreno (Universidad de Cádiz)

23 February 2017, 17h00 | CES-Coimbra, Room 2
Misogyny and Politics: the case of the coup in Brazil
Augusto Jobim do Amaral (Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul) and Fernanda Martins (Universidade do Vale do Itajaí /Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina)

30 March, 2017, 17h00 | Room 2, CES-Coimbra
Political Loves and Situated Policies
Daniel Cardoso (FCSH-UNL / U. Lusófona)

27 April, 2017, 17h00 | Room 2, CES | Alta
'Off-road race': Black venuses between Italian colonial memory and global landscapes
Gaia Giuliani (CES)

25 May 2017, 17h00 | Room 2, CES | Alta
Wanted! gender in the public library: read, be, classify, represent
Paula Sequeiros (CES)

29 June, 2017, 17h00 | Room 2, CES | Alta
American Girlhood - Post Colonial Growing Up in Jamaica Kincaid and Edwidge Danticat

Gonçalo Cholant (CES/FLUC)

7 July, 2017, 14h30 | CES-Coimbra, Room 2
New populisms in contemporary politics: misogyny, racism and homophobia
Marisa Matias (Eurodeputada)

Organisers: Catarina Martins and Teresa Cunha (NHUMEP), Ana Lúcia Santos, Ana Oliveira and Luciana Moreira Silva (DECIDe).