XII Young Social Scientists Series

Colliding worlds: Knowledge between research and action

October 12, 2017, 10h00-17h00

Room 1, CES | Alta

Since 2005, the CES has organised an Annual Conference Series, bringing together national and international research by young scientists in the field of social sciences. This series is grounded on the desire to promote dialogue with work produced in other institutions, supported by a clearly interdisciplinary matrix. To this end, we have counted on the contribution of some of the most promising young social scientists, as well as other actors and knowledges, since people from other academic institutions, other academic areas and various civil society organisations have participated in these meetings.

Inviting researchers from various national institutions with work in a wide range of scientific fields (Sociology, Anthropology, History, Economics, International Relations, Literary Studies, Education Sciences, Law, African Studies, Political Science and Philosophy), CES has sought to contribute to the exchange of experiences and to the discussion of its research results. The selection of each series guest speakers is based on the relevance of the work they have been developing and their internationalisation in the space of social and human sciences.

The XII edition of the Young Social Scientists adopted a unique theme: Colliding worlds: Knowledge between research and action, in a one-day session, involving CES researchers and doctoral students.

Scientific knowledge, despite being subject to epistemological breakdowns, is not a knowledge deprived of the subjectivity of who produces it and of the circumstances of space and of the time in which it is produced. If this is true for the so-called hard sciences, it is even more evident that for the social sciences the researcher’s perspective is the outcome of a situated view, implicated with specific worldviews and social actions. The XII edition of the Young Social Scientists intends to problematize the ethical dimension inherent to the scientific production of those involved in in political actions, social activism or that simply take an ideological look on the reality that being observed. We consider this ethical questioning about research that we seek to conduct is the most suitable regarding critical approaches to some of the most pressing challenges of contemporary societies developed at the Centre for Social Studies.

Language of the event
Since there are CES PhDs programmes running exclusively in English, the XIIth edition of the Young Social Scientists will be conducted exclusively in English, in order to foster a more active participation of all PhD students.

Organisation of presentations
In addition to presentations by young researchers, there will be a space for dialogue and debate with invited commentators.

Scientific Coordination: Carlos Nolasco and Rafaela Granja

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