Degrowth: A Vocabulary for a New Era

September 28, 2017, 10h30



When the language in use is not capable of saying what needs to be said, it is time for a new vocabulary. Not even radical thinkers can produce new answers that are not articulated with the twin imperatives of growth and development. If the desire for growth generates economic, social and environmental crises, as the authors of this volume argue, growth can not be the solution.

Fortunately, alternatives are emerging in real life. They range from new communal ways of living, producing and consuming to new institutions that can guarantee the subsistence of all, without growth. However, there must be more comprehensive counter-hegemonic narratives to formulate and connect these new alternatives.

Discussion of the book  “Decrescimento: vocabulario para um novo mundo”.

Chair: Stefania Barca, Ph.D. senior researcher at CES, University of Coimbra

Lanka Horstink, Ph.D. activista da associaçao GAIA e membro coordenador de la Campanha pelas Sementes Livres.
Gaia Giuliani Ph.D., post doc at CES, University of Coimbra.
Jorge Pinto, Ph.D. Candidate at Minho University.
Gonçalo Marcelo, Ph.D., post doc at CECH, University of Coimbra.
Emanuele Leonardi Ph.D., post doc at CES, University of Coimbra

Editor and author of the book
Giacomo D’Alisa, Ph.D. post doc at CES, University of Coimbra

Activity within the Ecology and Society Workshop