Policies for diversity and the University in Brazil: emancipatory struggles in an age of setbacks

Nilma Lino Gomes (FAE/UFMG)

July 19, 2017, 15h00

Room 1, CES | Alta


The lecture will address public policies focused on diversity in Brazil in the last 14 years, and the changes promoted by them in basic and higher education. It will analyze the role of social movements in relation to the State so that the political and emancipatory dimension of diversity is recognised as a right, as well as the degree of institutionalization achieved. It will problematise the last months of changes and setbacks in Brazilian politics, after the parliamentary coup of 2016, and how this new moment imposes serious setbacks in the field of education.

Bio note

Nilma Lino Gomes. Professor of undergraduate and graduate studies at FAE/UFMG. Member of the Affirmative Actions Programme at UFMG. Former Minister of the  Department of Policies for Promotion of Racial Equality (2015) and the Ministry of Women, Racial Equality, Youth and Human Rights of the elected president Dilma Rousseff (2015-2016).

Activity within the Democracy, Citizenship and Law Research Group | DECIDe