Talks and Debates Series

SHARP Talks - Sexuality, Health and Human Rights

February - December 2019

Several places (Coimbra)


Bimonthly meetings of an interdisciplinary nature on themes that are situated in the intersection between sexualities, health and human rights. SHARP Talks calls academics, artists, activists, and other stakeholders to the centre of the stage who bring us together for diverse lived realities, civic challenges, and areas of knowledge, always from a feminist, critical, and intersectional perspective.

The initiative, which will ocurr in various areas of the city of Coimbra and with two guests per session, with complementary or sometimes antagonistic perspectives, is addressed to the general public and is free of charge.

Opening session: Sexual Minorities: from the pathologization of non-normative sexualities to social movements for the defece of sexual rights | Maria Gabriela Moita | February 20, 2019

Subsequent sessions: May 15 (in partnership with the 10th March against Transphobia and Homophobia of Coimbra); July 10; (following dates to be announced shortly)

Coordinators: Fernanda Belizário, Mara Pieri and Rita Alcaire