Social Movements in the Pandemic

January 18, 2021, 15h00 (GMT)

Online event


The pandemic affects social movements in several ways. While it creates work opportunities using digital tools, it requires new tactics of protest, demonstration and resistance, it creates urgency in response to authoritarian and anti-democratic tendencies, and even imposes new needs in the face of structural failures that put the survival of marginalised and traditionally excluded groups at imminent risk. 


Nadejda Marques - CES - will present on the structure and nature of the impact of the pandemic on social movements in the US, Latin America and Angola

Jesus Sabariego - MSCA University of Seville - presentation on social movements and the use of digital tools

Jean Segata - Post-Graduate Programme in Social Anthropology - UFRGS will present on the experience of the COVID19 Network highlighting the issue of meat industry workers affected by Covid

Sandra Carvalho - General Coordinator of the organisation Global Justice will present on the experience of the Pandemic Observatory (Brazil) 

Comments: José Manuel Mendes (CES)


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