Gender Workshop Series XIII: Feminist Talks 


In the 2022-2023 edition, the Gender Workshop proposes to continue the “Feminist Interviews” with people from different areas of intervention and work in the field of gender equality and women's dignity and wellbeing in Portugal and Spain.

The interviews will allow us to map relevant work carried out in our country and in the neighbouring country, not only in the academy, in the sciences, but also in activism, the arts, care, work, trade unionism, etc. The format of an interview with an audience in attendance will allow for an initial dialogue between interviewer/interviewee and an opening for debate. The selection of interviewees and interviewers will aim at a cartography of diverse feminisms, in particular in the daily and concrete exercise of projects far from the large centres.

The series will run from October to June, with an opening concert by the batucadeiras "Banderinhas da Boba". The final session will also have an artistic dimension.

The series will continue on a monthly basis, with nine sessions, preferably on the last Thursday of each month, in a face-to-face format and in a location to be determined in the city of Coimbra.


Organising Team: Isabel Caldeira, Catarina Martins, Fernanda Belizário, Sandra Silvestre, Graziela Ares, Eliane Godinho