Reading Session

Readings in cultural and linguistic diversity 

June 27, 2022, 18h00

Sala de S. Pedro, General Library of University of Coimbra


The Reading in Diversity Series integrated in enLeio: Libraries, Politics and Reading Research Network, aims to stimulate research and disseminate knowledge in this interdisciplinary area. In this session, in partnership with the General Library of Coimbra University, participants will come from several regions of Spain, in a programme of Readings in Diversity: Spain (Poetry and Texts dedicated to Peace and others)

[Free registration, but compulsory. Limited number of participants].


Jorge Ruiz Lara - Madrid
Ana Zamora Serna - Murcia
Ivana Belen Ruiz Estramil - Uruguay
Almaluna Ubero Paniagua - Asturies
Alberto Izquierdo Montero - Madrid
Regina Ascencio Ibañez - México
Sabela Fraga Costa - Galiza
Cristina del Villar Toribio - Andalucía

Organisers: Centre for Social Studies/NorthSouth Library (Maria José Carvalho, Adriana Bebiano, Paula Sequeiros),  enLeio: Libraries, Politics and Reading Research Network  and General Library of Coimbra University  (João Gouveia Monteiro, director).