Photography Exhibition

Recycling in Reciprocity 

Conrado Marques (Fotógrafo)

May 2 to 31, 2023

North | South Library Corridor, CES | Alta


The photographs presented in this exhibition, reveal the look of 10 women members of Group "A" of the Acácia Cooperative of Waste Pickers of Araraquara/SP, taken between January and March 2017 during the door-to-door collection. As windows, the images seek to illuminate the vision, provoking reflections on the times lived, opening gaps in the representations that the city prints to the life of waste pickers, and in this, the possibility of building dialogues about the recycling of materials itself. Waste pickers, in carrying out their actions, undertake dimensions of quality life for themselves, for the group, for the community where they work, for the world, they recycle: energies, knowledges, experiences, possibilities of overcoming a system forged for the consumerism of goods for the exercise of exchange, of sharing, of the good life for all.

Bio note 

Conrado Marques
 ia a doctoral student in Education in the research line Social Practices and Educational Processes of the Post-Graduate Programme in Education of the UFSCar/São Carlos-SP and a visiting doctoral student at CES.