Colloquium + Exhibition

The Third Democratic Opposition Congress: 50 Years Later

April 19 and 20, 2023

Centro Cultural de Belém


In 1973, between April 4 and 8, the Third Congress of the Democratic Opposition took place in Aveiro. Intended to present united lists to the legislative elections that took place in October of that year, it unified different ideological and political currents, associated to a lively, participated and quite productive debate. Opposition members of different generations and tendencies collaborated in it, including military officers who, one year later, would take part in the Carnation Revolution. Half a century later, this initiative of the 50th Anniversary of the 25th of April Commemorative Committee intends to remember, contextualise and interpret this moment that contributed to the wearing down of the regime.

Free Entrance

Organisers: Commemorative Committee of the 50th Anniversary of the 25th of April  

Curators: Aniceto Afonso and Rui Bebiano

Support: Centro Cultural de Belém, Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra, 25 April Documentation Centre, Associação 25 de Abril and Efémera