II Exhibition LGBTQI+ History Month

"Without history, there is no memory" - learning through the lens of queer ageing

February 5 to 29, 2024

North/South Library entrance, CES | Alta

This exhibition is the result of a collaboration between projects REMEMBER and TRACE and aims to mark the LGBTQI+ History Month. This year, the exhibition focuses on the ageing of LGBTQI+ people. We highlight the theme by displaying books from the BNS collection that address ageing issues and the rights of LGBTQI+ people, complemented by a collection of doctoral theses conducted at CES in the field of LGBTQI+ studies. The exhibition also displays copies of Fator Q, an annual publication produced by the GPS - Research Group on Sexualities of CES. Finally, the exhibition includes a series of posters, containing excerpts from interviews conducted with queer people over 60 years old. In this bibliographic exhibition, we delve into narratives that are often overlooked by research and activism, recovering and highlighting the unique experiences of ageing in light of gender and/or sexual diversity.

Ana Cristina Santos (Coord.); Ana Lúcia Santos; Inês Lima; Joana Brilhante & Pedro Fidalgo

Organised by:
TRACE -Tracing Queer Citizenship over Time: Ageing, ageism and age-related LGBTI+ politics in Europe, funded by the European Research Council;
REMEMBER - Vivências de pessoas LGBTQ Idosas no Portugal Democrático (1974-2020), funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science (FCT);
Biblioteca Norte/Sul, Centre for Social Studies, University of Coimbra, Portugal.