«Histórias(s) do Presente | Os mundos que o passado nos deixou» | Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo & José Pedro Monteiro

PÚBLICO & tinta-da-china Publishing House | 2020

Into the past to interpret the present

The refugee crisis, racism, globalisation, nationalisms, the use of veils, fake news, abuses of the past, among many other controversial topics, have provoked intense public debate, albeit not always well-informed.
In this volume, Miguel Bandeira Jerónimo and José Pedro Monteiro question the past and trace it to interpret the present with rigor. Updated and developed version of the series with the same name published in the newspaper Público, História(s) do Presente includes a set of 12 essays and 12 interviews with international experts on events and historical processes that have marked our past, and on their various legacies.
Exploring the plural histories of concentration camps, the emergence of a discourse on human rights or on policies of fear and organised mass hysteria, so widespread today, it invites the reader to try to understand how we got here and, looking at what happened, how we can imagine a less bleak, less unequal and less violent future.