«O Século XX Português» | Fernando Rosas, Francisco Louçã, João Teixeira Lopes, Andrea Peniche, Luís Trindade, Miguel Cardina

Tinta da China, 2020


«O Século XX Português» is a history that sums up, in six essays, one hundred years of political, economic and cultural life in the country.
This book focuses on the Portuguese 20th century from the point of view of the history of the four political regimes that went through it, the economic evolution of the country, the social transformations it experienced, the «adventure of women» in the long struggle for their rights, the process of social change and, finally, the heavy ballast left by the colonial past.

Three essential ideas permeate the whole work: the persistence of inequality, the central role of the State and the dominant policies in the production and reproduction of economic, social and cultural oligarchy and the ideological weight of colonialism as past and present.
The authors of this work have sought to respond to the challenges posed by these three findings, each in the specific field of their approach.