Presumption of innocence and related rights – Professional perspectives

European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA)

CES, through its Permanent Observatory for Justice, within the scope of the protocol celebrated with the FRA, has prepared the Portuguese contribution for this report, as well as the specific report on Portugal, which is now made known. Conceição Gomes, Paula Fernando, Carolina Carvalho and Marina Henriques were the responsible researchers [REFER HERE].

The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) has, thus, just produced another report on the impact of the pandemic on fundamental rights, this time regarding the issue of the presumption of innocence and related rights, which addresses professional perspectives on this topic, particularly with regard to the rights of defendants, victims or judicial cooperation [REFER HERE].

CES/OPJ started, in 2019, a collaboration with the FRA with the aim of elaborating a set of studies on the promotion and protection of fundamental rights in Portugal. This partnership, which placed CES/OPJ as national focal point, was established in the framework of FRANET, the FRA's multidisciplinary research network for the period between 2019 and 2021, and established as main objectives the collection and analysis of data concerning the main challenges faced by the European Union and the Member States in terms of fundamental rights, contributing to the Agency's comparative analyses, published in particular in the annual reports. Topics such as racism, xenophobia, migration, hate speech, access to justice, among many others, have been analysed throughout the period of the agreement.