Research Topics

  1. New cartographies of Europe - representations, violences and memories
    New cartographies which promote the discussion on the idea of Europe, its representations and its cultural, political and epistemological foundations.
    Keywords: literature; art; testimony; history of ideas and representations of Europe trauma; power and representation; uses of the past and politics of memory; heritages
  1. Epistemologies of the South, decolonization and the pluriverses of knowledge
    Critical dialogical perspectives from the Global South that contribute to the reciprocal decolonization of the contemporary world, promoting pluriversity instead of abstract universalities.
    Keywords: modern colonialism; decolonization processes ; cognitive justice; abyssal line; Global South; revolutions and alternative political projects; translation
  1. Transnationalisms, diasporas and mobilities
    Critical analysis of modes of mobility and transculturality with a view to a post-colonial and post-migratory world.
    Keywords: diasporas and mobilities; transterritoriality; circulations; linguistic heritages; cyber-surveillance; belonging and participation; digital culture
  1. Contemporary geopolitics, global interventionism and peace processes
    Analysis of contemporary forms of global interventionism; studies of formal and informal wars and their impacts; analysis of paths towards processes of reconciliation, peace and social emancipation in the framework of an increasingly multipolar world.
    Keywords: micro and macro episodes of violence; peace processes; truth and reconciliation commissions; multipolar world; North-South political relations; militarism