Paola Di Nunzio


Graduated in International and Diplomatic Sciences at the University of Trieste (Italy) with the theses "Argentina's Economic Crisis of 2001: Causes and Global Spillovers" and with a Master in Economics - specialisation in Growth and Structural Policies awarded by the University of Coimbra with a dissertation entitled "Economic Inequality, Human Rights and the Institutions of the Economy". She started her career as Junior Researcher at CES for the project "Atlantic Social Lab" (ASL), belonging to the Science, Economy and Society Research Group (NECES), followed by a period as Project Manager in a local NGO working with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, and as Consultant in a SME in the area of innovation and territorial development. Currently enrolled in a Master course in Human Rights at the University of Minho, she is a Research Manager at CES for the project "IN SITU: Place-based innovation of cultural and creative industries in non-urban areas", funded by the European Union (Grant Agreement no. 101061747). Her research interests encompass international relations, economic and social inequality, human rights, migrations and development, as well as public policies, social innovation and culture.