Paulo Peixoto



Paulo Peixoto is a research fellow at CES, a member and coordinator of the Research Group on Cities, Cultures, and Architecture (CCA), and an assistant professor in Sociology at the University of Coimbra, Faculty of Economics. He's also a member and coordinator of Observatory for Education Policies and Professional Development. He teaches both at undergraduate and postgraduate level, in the 1st cycle of studies in Sociology and in the M.A. and PhD programmes in City and Urban Cultures Studies. He holds a PhD in Sociology by the University of Coimbra, and an M. A. and first degree also in Sociology by the same university. Paulo is member of: International Institute for Research and Action on Academic Fraud and Plagiarism; Research Group on "Art, Culture and Power" (CNPq/UERJ); Research Group on "Geography, Tourism and Cultural heritage" (CNPq/UNICAMP); "Urban and Cultural Studies Laboratory" (CNPq/UFS); and "City, Culture and Difference" (CNPq/Univille). Paulo Peixoto is member of the Brazil-Portugal Network on Urban Studies (Rede Brasil-Portugal de Estudos Urbanos), where he currently carries out research on Heritage and Tourism, also conducts research projects on higher education field, develops outreach activities through the coordination of the evaluation of social projects. He is the Director of the Ensino Superior ­ Revista do SNESup (Higher Education Review). He is currently a member of two Executive Boards: of the Association for University Outreach Activities (APEU) and of the National Union for Higher Education (SNESup). His research interests are on cities and urban cultures; heritage; tourism; urban exclusion and violence; higher education; and academic fraud.

Latest Publications

Article in Scientific journal

Ganga, Rafaela Neiva; Silva, José Pedro; Vaz, Henrique; Gomes, Rui; Lopes, João Teixeira; Cerdeira, Luísa; Silva, Sílvia; Cabrito, Belmiro Gil; Magalhães, Dulce; Machado-Taylor, Maria de Lourdes; Peixoto, Paulo; Brites, Rui; Patrocínio, Tomás (2018), "From Portugal to Europe. A micro-level Sociology of scientific migration in times of Eurozone crisis", Migraciones Internacionales, 9, 35, 9-37

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Article in Scientific journal

Gomes, Rui Machado; Lopes, João Teixeira; Cerdeira, Luísa; Vaz, Henrique; Peixoto, Paulo; Cabrito, Belmiro; Machado-Taylor, Maria Lourdes; Brites, Rui; Patrocínio, Tomás; Ganga, Rafaela; Silva, Sílvia; Silva, José Pedro (2018), "Asymmetric Mobility and Emigration of Highly Skilled Workers in Europe: The Portuguese Case", Migration Studies, 169, 3, 143-164

Book Chapter

Peixoto, Paulo; Providência, P.; Abrantes, J.; Aguiar, J. (2017), Dinâmicas sociais e políticas da cor no Centro Histórico de Coimbra, in Francisco P. S. C. Gil, Lídia Catarino (org.), Os revestimentos e os acabamentos do Centro Histórico de Coimbra: um contributo para o seu estudo. Coimbra: Almedina, 25-48