Pedro Hespanha


Sociologist and founding member of CES. I am Professor at the Faculty of Economics of Coimbra. My main research is on the area of Social Policies. I participated as main researcher in several national and international research projects and research networks, dealing with active social policies, social exclusion and poverty, employment and unemployment experiences and strategies. I coordinate the Research Group on Solidarity Economy (ECOSOL/CES)

Latest Publications

Book Chapter

Hespanha, Pedro (2019), Why Is Solidarity-Type Social Enterprise Invisible in Portugal?, in Philippe Eynaud, Jean-Louis Laville, Luciane Lucas dos Santos, Swati Banerjee, Flor Avelino and Lars Hulgård (org.), Theory of Social Enterprise and Pluralism. Social Movements, Solidarity Economy, and the Global South. New York: Routledge, 173-192

Book Chapter

Hespanha, Pedro (2018), The impact of crisis and austerity on social services and social workers in Portugal, in Christos Panagiatopoulos (org.), Financial Crisis and Social Work. Beau Bassin: Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, 33-56

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Book Chapter

Hespanha, Pedro (2017), O papel das terras comunais na revitalização das comunidades rurais em Portugal, in Luiz Inácio Gaiger e Aline Mendonça dos Santos (org.), Solidariedade e Ação Coletiva. Trajetórias e Experiências. São Leopoldo, Brasil: Editorial Unisinos, 175-198