Tiago Pires Marques


Principal Investigator FCT at CES since 2019, Tiago Pires Marques integrates the Reserach Group "Social Policies, Labor and Inequalities" (POSTRADE) and co-coordinates the Observatory POLICREDOS - Religion in the Public Sphere, as well as the College of Global Studies. He obtained his PhD in History by the European University Institute (2007) with a thesis on the construction of criminal law in Europe. Taking a transnational perspective, he focused the relationship between the making of penal codes in the interwar period and the rise of fascist regimes, namely in Italy, Spain and Portugal (v. 'Crime and the Fascist State', Pickering & Chatto, 2013; Routledge, 2016). In his postdoctoral project (2008-2013), funded by Foundation for Science and Technology, he compared the construction psychiatric knowledge and professional profiles in religious and secularized contexts in Portugal and France. Researcher at CES since 2014, T. Pires Marques currently pursues his socio-historical research on mental health, extending the field of observation to the present day and combining historical and sociological methodologies. Currently, his interests are mainly focused on activism and movements of users in the field of psychiatry and mental health, as well as collaborative research in mental health. In this domain, he published, among other works, 'Legitmacies of Madness. Suffering, Struggle, Creativity and Belonging '(With Mônica Nunes, coords.. Salvador: EDUFBA, 2018). Current project: Psychic Suffering and the Social Question: from Revolution to Collaborative Militancy (Portugal and Brazil, 1970s-2010s). CEECIND/01290/2017 - Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia

Latest Publications

Article in Scientific journal

Marques, Tiago Pires (2020), "O través da casa: desenraizamento e dor psíquica", Revista Portuguesa de Psicanálise, 39, 2, 54-60

Article in Scientific journal

Marques, Tiago Pires (2018), "Illness and the Politics of Social Suffering: Towards a Critical Research Agenda in Health and Science Studies", Revista Crítica de Ciências Sociais, Número especial, 141-164

Book Chapter

Marques, Tiago Pires; Angela, Oliveira; Miguel, Oliveira (2018), Dia a dia Big Bang. Construções de si na pesquisa e ativismo em saúde mental, in Tiago Pires Marques e Mônica Nunes (org.), Legitimidades da loucura. Sofrimento, luta, criatividade e pertença. Salvador (Bahia): EDUFBA Editora da Univ. Federal da Bahia, 359-402